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Thanissara's Dharma Talks
Thanissara, a practitioner since 1975, was a Theravada nun for 12 years in the tradition of Ajahn Chah and has taught internationally the last 20 years. She is co-founder and director of Dharmagiri Hermitage and Outreach in South Africa and spends time between there and the US. She has an MA in Mindfulness Psychotherapy Practice from Karuna Institute and Middx University UK and is currently co-facilitator of the Community Dharma Leader at Spirit Rock
2013-03-31 Kuan Yin for the Planet - Bringing the Heart Suttra Down to Earth 1:54:42
Through meditations, Dharma reflections, use of mantra, ceremony and Core Process Inquiry, we will evoke the Heart of Kuan Yin. Entering stillness and silence we listen into Kuan Yin allowing appropriate response to emerge. Kuan Yin is not male or female, Asian or Western or even Buddhist, but a metaphor for the deepest truth of our own unbreakable hearts connection with the universal heart of wisdom and compassion. A wisdom that springs forth from letting go of the known to align with the knowing of our original wakefulness, and merciful compassion that emerges from the truth of our profound intimacy with all things.
New York Insight Meditation Center

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