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The greatest gift is the
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Thanissaro Bhikkhu's Dharma Talks
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Dharma practice is medicine for the mind -- something particularly needed in a culture like ours that actively creates mental illness in training us to be busy producers and avid consumers. As individuals, we become healthier through our Dharma practice, which in turn helps bring sanity to our society at large.
2005-01-28 Up For The Challenge Series 1:14:37
Learning to see renunciation as freedom.
The Saints Don't Cry 9:25
Learning to see renunciation as freedom.
Restraint Of The Senses 12:43
How to find peace in the midst of the barrage of sensory input.
Up For The Challenge 17:28
A long line of people going back over 2,500 years have been up for the challenge of the practice. Are you going to join them?
In-Line With The Dhamma 17:40
The problem with delusion is that it's always threatened by reality. If you learn to admit reality, act in-line with the way things actually are, then there's nothing threatening.
The Wheel Of Dhamma 17:12
The Four Noble Truths as a guide for dealing with experience so as to put an end to suffering.

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