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Rob Burbea's Dharma Talks
Rob Burbea
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Rob Burbea has practiced and studied Buddhism since 1985. Teaching since 2004, he is currently the Gaia House Resident Teacher and a member of its Teacher Council. He is a co-founder of Sanghaseva, an organization exploring the Dharma through international service work, and also a co-initiator of DANCE, the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement ( Rob is the author of Seeing That Frees: Meditations on Emptiness and Dependent Arising.
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2008-01-29 The Place of Samadhi in Metta Practice 1:26:04
This series of talks and guided meditations explores the development of the practices of both Lovingkindness and Compassion, with particular emphasis on the radical possibilities of Awakening that they bring. Through these practices we come to develop deep and beautiful qualities of heart as a real resource both for ourselves and the world, and also open ourselves to the profound and liberating understandings that can emerge from this path of love.
Gaia House Lovingkindness And Compassion As A Path To Awakening (2008)
2007-12-31 Joy 65:12
The Buddha placed great emphasis on joy (mudita) and Happiness (sukkha) as part of the path. This talk explores the place of these beautiful and precious qualities in our practice, and life. What are the foundations of happiness? What is it that allows the heart to open to joy?
Gaia House The New Years Retreat Insight Meditation
2007-12-29 What is Insight? 59:58
This talk presents a map and overview of the path of Insight Meditation, exploring the different kinds and levels of insight available to us, the possible avenues for its development and deepening, and some of the many ways we can nurture and strengthen its unfolding.
Gaia House The New Years Retreat Insight Meditation
2007-11-24 Time and the Emptiness of Time 56:55
Time is one of the fundamental aspects of existence we usually take for granted, leaving its seeming ‘reality’ unquestioned. But Dharma practice and inquiry can puncture and shatter our belief in the real independent existence of time – both the past/future and the present/the ‘Now’, and, in so doing, open awareness up to a truly inconceivable and immeasurable liberation.
Gaia House Solitary Month Retreat
2007-11-17 Into the Depths of Silence 59:40
Gaia House Solitary Month Retreat
2007-11-08 A Question of Faith 60:10
A probing exploration of the movements of faith in our practice. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are always placing our faith somewhere. What do we have faith in? What shapes our sense of limitation or possibility? And how do faith and confidence deepen?
Gaia House Solitary Month Retreat
2007-11-03 "A Body At Peace With Itself" 58:18
Gaia House Solitary Month Retreat
2007-09-20 The Self and the World 54:27
Gaia House Deepening in Wisdom
2007-09-17 Ocean of Patience 55:22
Gaia House Deepening in Wisdom
2007-07-16 Freedom From Fear And Anxiety 56:55
This talk explores in detail the tools and approaches we can develop to work skillfully with fear in our lives, both those fears that are obvious and those that are more hidden. There is a genuine possibility of liberation from the power that fear seems to have to constrict us
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Path of Liberation

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