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Various's Dharma Talks
2012-05-08 Meditation and the Emotional Landscape 4:42:12
This collection of talks given at Insight Meditation South Bay discusses the nature of emotions. Topics include how to work with shame, dread, fear and anger.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley Tuesday Talks—2012
Dynamics of Emotion 44:27
  Shaila Catherine
Meditation can reveal the dynamic process of emotional life. In this talk, Shaila Catherine explores relationships between mind and body, between thoughts and emotions, and between present moment experience and concepts. Emotions are not avoided in meditation, instead we engage in a balanced and wise investigation of emotions and see their changing, impermanent, and empty nature. Transformative insight into impermanence may come through understanding the functioning of mental states, without worry about difficult emotions such as anger, grief, or fear. We will learn to respond, act, and speak with wisdom as we learn to open to the full range of emotional life.
Liberating Aspects of Emotions 35:05
  Sharon Allen
As human beings, our developed higher functioning mind can think, reflect, and observe how we add mental preferences of liking, not liking or feeling indifferent to what is occurring. This talk explores how our emotional responses to experience can—and surely must—be part of a path to liberation. Emotions do not have to derail us from an intention to free the mind from struggle. By skillfully engaging a mindfulness practice we can break down our experience into smaller, more manageable pieces to free ourselves from the tangle of desire and craving for things to be as we want them, rather than how they are. We find liberation within the emotional landscape.
Working with Shame, Dread and Other Positive Emotions 41:38
  Doug Slakey
The Interplay of Emotions and Thought 33:30
  Robert Cusick
Dharmic Lessons On Emotion From Science & Literature 46:20
  Jennifer Dungan
Self-Compassion Guided Meditation 41:49
  Leah Weiss
Wisdom Of Compassion 39:21
  Leah Weiss

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