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Tina Rasmussen's Dharma Talks
Tina Rasmussen
The inspiration for my teaching is to help people discover the direct experience of ultimate truth that underlies conventional reality, and then infuse life with an ever-deepening awareness of this mystery as it manifests in our everyday work and relationships. I have practiced meditation since 1976, and have been authorized to teach by Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw of Burma.
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2016-09-26 Talk 4--Skillful Effort; Differences between Samatha and Vipassana; Purification of Mind Overview 1:12:34
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center Cloud Mountain 11-day Purification of Mind retreat Sept 23-Oct 4, 2016
2016-06-14 Anapanasati Concentration / Samatha Meditation 30 minutes with full instructions and reminders 30:04
Tina Rasmussen provides 6 minutes of instruction on mindfulness of breathing meditation (anapanasati), a form of concentration / samatha meditation, followed by 24 minutes of silent meditation that includes 3 brief reminders.
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2016-06-14 Posture Instructions 10 minutes 10:48
Tina Rasmussen provides a 10 minute overview on how to support your meditation practice by setting up your posture at the beginning of each sitting period. Guided instructions are provided to create a supportive posture before you begin meditation.
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2016-01-16 Concentration Meditation: Purification of Mind with Tina Rasmussen and Stephen Snyder 3:48:41
This is a recording of the entire daylong taught at Spirit Rock Meditation Center on Jan. 16, 2016.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2015-08-07 Transcript from Interview for Italian Newspaper 5:55
This is a recording of the teachers reading an article from an Italian newspaper, from their 7-day retreat near Bologna Italy
2015-02-18 Talk 7--Bramaviharas as Concentration Practice 1:17:22
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2015-02-18 Talk 7--Bramaviharas as Concentration Practice 0:00
(Recording not available) 
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2015-02-17 Talk 6--Upekkha Follow-up; Purification of Heart 55:52
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2015-02-16 Talk 5--Mudita Follow-up; Upekkha overview and instructions 68:07
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2015-02-15 Talk 3--Karuna overview and instructions 27:43
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

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