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Rev. Heng Sure
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Heng Sure (Bhikshu) holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley and has a Masters from the University of California at Berkeley in Oriental Languages. He currently lectures on the Buddhist Sutras and holds regular meditation classes.
2008-12-25 Giving Gifts And Listening To The Good News 68:39
Rev. Heng Sure offers reflections on how to purify our minds. He gives methods of making the world a better place through skillful use of the mind. He shares his website and the “Acts of Kindness” project. The songs from his “Paramita” CD of American Buddhist Folk Songs ( invite us to do more good deeds in exchange for free music downloads. Rev. Sure also shares the “Daily Good” website that aggregates good news stories every day. Listen to his musical Dharma-teachings. (
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