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Will Kabat-Zinn's Dharma Talks
Will Kabat-Zinn
Will Kabat-Zinn has practiced Vipassana meditation intensively in the U.S. and in Burma for over ten years. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and teaches regularly at SF Insight, Spirit Rock, and at meditation centers around the country. For eight years Will taught meditation and awareness practices to incarcerated youth in New York City and Oakland. In addition to sharing the Dharma, Will is an MFT Intern in private practice in San Francisco and Oakland. He completed four years of teacher training with Jack Kornfield.
2009-08-14 Thinking and Reality 45:28
Identification with thoughts determines how we experience the world and who we take ourselves to be. We can free ourselves from those limited identifications and touch the vast expanse of who we really are.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Young Adult's Insight Meditation Retreat

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