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Leela Sarti's Dharma Talks
Leela Sarti
2014-08-25 Second Morning - Joyful Living Instructions 31:30
Gaia House Joyful Living
2014-08-24 Joy and Presence 56:27
The fragmentation of life has a chance of ending when we drop into embodied presence. When our awareness is immediate and intimate with experience we can disentangle ourselves from inner stories, commentaries, concepts, and contracted ideas. The most basic function of the personality is the reduction and the restriction of awareness, but through our own practice we free and expand awareness and learn that it can be a transformative experience to simply pause instead of immediatly filling up the space. When we are open to the immediacy of life, even when it is difficult, the heart responds with kindness, equanimity and joy.
Gaia House Joyful Living
2014-08-24 First Morning - Joyful Living Instructions 43:03
Gaia House Joyful Living
2014-08-23 Opening Talk - Joyful Living 61:36
The practice of embodied mindful meditation opens the possibility to understand and transform our habits of dissatisfaction and distraction, and invites spaciousness and openness in our day-to-day lives. Becoming intimate, moment by moment, with living reality expands our life-perspective and attunes us to what really matters in life. We can invite the practice of mind-heart-body fullness and the reorienting, and inclining of the mind towards the natural capacity for well-being, contentment, delight and kindness.
Gaia House Joyful Living
2014-01-25 Radiant Stillness 42:43
It is transforming to simply pause, sense and listen instead of immediately filling up the space. When we become sensitive and attuned to the neutral tone in life it can become an entry to the stillness of the ground of being. With the help of poetry and stories, unfabricated silence and the power of not knowing is invited into the practice space. An invitation to shift our weight, more profoundly than the mind can imagine, to the unfabricated, the unconditioned, the deathless.
Gaia House The Liberating Intimacy of Being Who You Are
2014-01-24 Identity and Being 52:50
Who am I beyond concepts and ideas about myself? What does it mean to experience myself as a medium of consciousness? What is it that needs to wake up and what goes through transformation? This evening talk inquires into how embodied presence allows experience to arise in a more complete and whole way. As our capacity to be clear and sensitive evolves we become more malleable in our being, more real in our understanding and capable to respond rather than react to life.
Gaia House The Liberating Intimacy of Being Who You Are
2014-01-23 Opening Talk 61:45
An exploration of how to truly land and relax into a retreat, and feel into the personal and universal truth of why we engage in the practice of Insight meditation.
Gaia House The Liberating Intimacy of Being Who You Are
2013-09-05 The Illusion of Self, Equanimity and Beyond the Abyss 53:01
To ask 'who am I?' is not a theoretical or esoteric question, but a practical question to ask in the midst of life. A steadiness of awareness makes it possible to trace the process of identity in relationship to body, mind, our belief, our roles, our situations in life and beyond any sense of self. When we are less identified we become more spacious and easy going. The radiant heart quality of equanimity - upekka - is essential when it comes to loosening fixed identity and living a life that embraces form and emptiness in a natural and authentic way.
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart
2013-09-03 From Craving to Sacred Intention 55:48
This talk explores desire and craving; as a fuel for evolution, as the main cause of human suffering, and as the noble heart's intention and sacred wish to awaken. To fully embrace the second aspect of the eightfold path we need access to true strength and resolve.
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart
2013-09-01 Expanding The Heart and Remaining Within the Window of Prescence 57:12
This talk explores how the heart can awaken in mindful contact with the fundamental aspects of life - anicca, anatta and dukkha. To embody the awakening heart we need to understand and end the harmful force of shame and self-judgement. When there is an emerging inner climate of kind and attuned presence, the heart awakens itself.
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart

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