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“Insight-Out” run by Insight Prison Project's Founding Director Jacques Verduin, is Jacques’ new community initiative that employs former life-sentenced prisoners that were trained during their incarceration at San Quentin. These 'Change Agents' offer programs to at risk youth and their brothers and sisters still in prison. Insight-out also runs the California Prison Mindfulness Network (CPMN), which supports prison sanghas in California through retreats and classes in yoga and meditation.
2010-08-12 Insight Prison Project and Insight Out 64:39
Insight Prison Project is a non-profit community organization working in collaboration with San Quentin State Prison to provide unique rehabilitation programs for self selected and motivated prisoners so that they can break the cycle of incarceration.

Jacques, founding director of IPP, now manages Insight Out, a project that employs former life-sentenced prisoners that were trained by IPP during their incarceration and now work with at risk youth in Bay Area communities, especially Richmond and Oakland.

Jacques is joined by Antonio and Phillip, two Insight Out Change Makers. Includes Q & A.

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