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Kirsten Kratz's Dharma Talks
Kirsten Kratz
2014-09-25 The Story of Separation - The Knowing of Interdependence 51:52
One of the pervading stories of our times is the story of separation. The teachings point to a very different understanding: interconnectedness and interdependence. How does the perspective/story we believe in effect our actions, intentions and the perception of us, others and the world? Which way of seeing do we wish to cultivate and give our energy to?
Gaia House Living with Uncertainty - Knowing Freedom
2014-04-19 Recognising the Taste of Freedom (Part Two) 53:34
Continuing from part 1, this talk reflects how we may approach the perceived absence of freedom in our life in ways that turn the very place of being not free into a possible gateway to greater freedom, and how we may get sensitive to taste freedom in aspects of life where we may not expect it.
Gaia House A Path of Freedom
2014-04-18 Recognising the Taste of Freedom (Part One) 62:15
The teachings of the Buddha are described as having one taste and one taste only, the taste of freedom.This talks explores how we may understand the concept of freedom in more conventional ways and within our practice, mentioning some of the ways we may experience being not free, stuck or bound.
Gaia House A Path of Freedom
2014-03-10 It Takes Two Wings to Fly 57:51
Wisdom and compassion are often described as two wings needed to be able to fly. This talk explores some ways in which they mutually support each other, how compassion supports deeper and deeper wisdom, and how wisdom will bring forth compassionate action.
Gaia House The Wise and Loving Heart
2014-03-08 Hello, It's You Again...Meeting the Five Hindrances 58:39
This talk explores how we can approach the five hindrances as just another aspect of our human experience we can pay attention to, and as something we can learn and gain deeper understanding from.
Gaia House The Wise and Loving Heart
2013-12-30 The Revolutionary Act of Grattitude and Appreciation 48:05
Gaia House New Year's Retreat
2013-12-28 The Guest House - Welcoming What Is Difficult 60:01
Gaia House New Year's Retreat
2013-08-04 Living in Uncertain Times 59:09
This talk explores what qualities of mind and heart we can rely on in face of uncertainty, using our ability and increasing capacity to be present to our experience as a powerful gateway.
Gaia House A Voyage of Discovery
2013-08-02 Opening Talk 1:13:37
This talk also includes Yanai Postelnik.
Gaia House A Voyage of Discovery
2013-05-26 Meditation Instructions 34:13
Gaia House Young Person's Retreat: A Path of Wisdom and Compassion

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