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The greatest gift is the
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Christina Feldman's Dharma Talks
Christina Feldman
What I teach is a reflection of the constantly changing nature of my own practice. When I give a talk it is not a set agenda, but something that I've been reflecting about. The talks tend to be in rhythm with my own practice.
1994-04-13 Personal Mythology And Revelation 2:25:43
Looking into our personal stories to discover the truth.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Personal Mythology And Revelation - part 1 45:23
Awakening from the false through discovering what is true is the path of insight. Some of our personal mythology we have inherited, some is born of our own experience. We can learn to discern what is true in the moment and release sorrow.
Personal Mythology And Revelation - part 2 42:25
Discovering inner authority and authenticity bring balance and ease to our lives. Investigation, acceptance and renunciation are all part of learning to be at home in our lives.
Being Free Within Our Stories 57:27
What does it mean to be free within our stories? We learn to let go of the fears, grasping and resistance, that confine us through the medium of our personal stories.

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