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The greatest gift is the
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Christopher's Dharma Talks
My engagement in teaching the dharma, to point to a free and liberated life, has remained the same since the first day I started. It is my unwavering commitment to inspire people that such a life is accessible to us all, here and now. This is what sustains me and gives me enthusiasm.
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1982-04-30 East Meets West? 57:18
as the dharma crosses the ocean, what does the East and West have to give each other?
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
2003-08-21 Liberation And Enlightenment 55:31
Have we had an experience of liberation but have failed to realize its significance? This talk explores the relationship of enlightenment to liberation.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2003-08-23 What Is An Experience 48:13
When does an experience start and finish? The story of a Jewish friend, Erica, who hid from the nazis, as a metaphor. Do we really need a story experience for our liberation?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2004-10-12 Three-Fold Training For Liberation 58:27
It is a very limited view to regard ethics (Sila) as five precepts. The authentic ethic is to stay true to vision and the meditative concentration to stay connected with noble wisdom.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2004-10-14 Deep Love 54:28
Deep love (metta) belongs to the formless and flows into our roles. The flow of this love transcends the situation.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1998-05-01 Here's To Dharma, Not To Material Things 43:28
Ending the illusion of ownership as a vehicle for liberation.
2002-06-29 Embrace Of Suffering And 9/11 46:40
This talk explores issues of struggle following 9/11, ways to resolve suffering. These teachings emphasize the necessity to explore deeply our relationship to each other.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-06-30 Not Here, Not There 34:24
We often make a division, a duality, between a retreat and daily life. Is there reality in this division or it is a projection of our mind?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2003-08-19 What Is Worth Knowing? 45:03
It is worth knowing the causes and conditions for suffering; it is worth finding out what matters; it is worth knowing emptiness authentically.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-08-21 Inquiry - part 1 65:40
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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