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2012-07-05 Karma, Rebirth and the Eight Fold Path 1:16:52
Karma, Rebirth and the Eight Fold Path by Ayya Tathaaloka. Stephanie Tate closes the night with a Metta meditation.
2012-04-05 Finding the Balance 49:26
Evening talk on Finding the Balance.
Wellington Insight Meditation Community
2010-12-28 Darkness, Light, and Holiness 56:33
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
2010-03-16 Body/Mind Conscience and the Voice of Knowing 48:14
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley Applications of Mindfulness A Six Week Guest Speaker Series
2010-02-11 Buddhist Nun 1:40:07
Insight Santa Cruz
2009-02-18 Buddhism and Environmentalism 53:01
Talk given at the San Jose Vippassana group at the Friends' Meeting House in San Jose, Ca.
2006-10-02 Freedom 43:35
Dhamma talk given to the Insight Meditation South Bay group.
2006-03-15 Life, Death and the Heart of Samana 23:28

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