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Jose Reissig's Dharma Talks
Jose Reissig
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After decades of practice and teaching, what inspires me are those moments when I can see the habitual as if it were for the first time. If such moments occur while I'm giving a talk, then the teacher in me can hear its own words imbued with the freshness imparted by those who truly listen -- the multiple aspects of myself being part of the audience as well. Thanks for your participation in the process.
2007-08-19 Stranded 42:15
Our apprehension at not being in control often leads us to cast ourselves away from the flow of life. In doing so we end up imprisoned. Alternatively we can choose to be free.
Garrison Institute :  Rhinebeck Sitting Group
2007-08-18 The Theater Of The I 39:52
Theater can mean either a stage for us to perform on, or simply the theater of our operations. In the first meaning we show off, in the second we show up. Which one will it be?
2007-08-17 Coming Home 35:37
To come home is to put an end to our dissociation from the world.
2007-04-15 Healing The Body Politic 38:55
Exploring ways of helping the body politic heal itself. Can we help with its immune system? Can we play the role of stem cells?
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties :  Rhinebeck Sitting Group
2007-04-14 Pandora's Box 32:28
While the prevailing view is that the legendary box should remain closed, the teachings invite us to open it up.
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties :  Rhinebeck Sitting Group
2007-04-13 The Four Noble Truths 46:16
Looking into the Four Truths. Focusing on the fabric that emerges from them.
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties :  Rhinebeck Sitting Group
2006-11-19 Time Out Of Time 37:40
The gems of Indra's Net (see Indra's Net talk) also stand for each moment of time. They remind us that each moment includes all others.
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties
2006-11-18 Indra's Net 36:36
The net in Indra's palace is said to contain countless gems, each reflecting all others. As a metaphor for humanity, it reminds us that we too reflect each other.
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties
2006-11-17 Loneliness As Teacher 41:13
Rather than trying to elude feelings of loneliness, we need to go into them in order to learn.
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties
2006-08-06 Life Is Teeming: Let's Teem With It 40:03
For inner peace to take we must first be willing to get out of our mental Green Zones and join in the compost of life.
Garrison Institute

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