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Retreat Dharma Talks

Steven Smith Review


1999-06-11 Keeping The Island Of Peace In Mind 57:37
Steven Smith
as the ancient Polynesian navigators kept a vision of their island destination in mind, so too the vision of freedom for followers of the 8-Fold Path
1999-06-13 Bamboo Mind: 59:06
Steven Smith
the nature of equanimity in balance, mind, emotions, and the vicissitudes of life
1999-06-23 Finding Your Passion 47:58
Steven Smith
young adults retreat what meditation is, inspired beginnings, the path, way of life.
2000-09-25 Confidence, Courage, Acceptance, Simplicity = 4 Supports Of Mindfulness 57:46
Steven Smith
Paying attention to how confidence, courage, acceptance and simplicity support mindfulness and the spiritual life.
2000-10-02 As It Is: Mystery Beyond Mystery 59:07
Steven Smith
Seeking the world of experience as it really is, and being motivated to live by compassion.
2000-10-16 The Great Being Of Metta & Mindfulness 59:22
Steven Smith
Discovering the attributes of a "great one," a fully liberated and "true-hearted" one, a loyal friend and the ideal of tathagata.
2000-10-22 Paying Attention, Taking Action, Letting Go 61:28
Steven Smith
Bringing wisdom with non-attachment and compassionate action together.
2001-06-04 Encouraging The Light Of Metta 56:00
Steven Smith
Understanding metta as a concentration and purification practice.
2001-09-26 Vulnerability In Opening To Things As They Are 38:34
Steven Smith
Preparing the ground for insight to emerge by developing a deep inner calm.
2001-09-30 Metta, Equanimity And Emotions 48:33
Steven Smith
When we are still in the midst of emotions, mindfulness draws forth metta and equanimity and helps us to see the layered nature of our own feelings.
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