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Retreat Dharma Talks

Steven Smith Review


2001-10-14 Courage Of Heart 52:15
Steven Smith
Focusing on faith, energy, patience and renunciation--four qualities of mind that stream through our awareness and power our practice.
2001-10-21 Where Language Stops: Insight Jhanas 59:13
Steven Smith
Developing a meditative process that purifies the mind and creates subtle openings for insight and happiness.
2003-06-15 Home In The Heart Of Metta 64:37
Steven Smith
A description of the four brahmaviharas and the interconnected nature of things. Good acts of metta especially have far-reaching consequences —changing our patterns, and releasing powerful, previously repressed energy for awareness, love and wisdom.
2003-07-21 Mindfulness And Supporting Spiritual Virtues 66:45
Steven Smith
Introduced by gratitude to teachers and lineage. Followed by a thorough description of mindfulness and the four foundations of mindfulness. Concluded by how to support skillful states of faith and courageous energy.
2003-07-25 Four Kinds Of Happiness From Insight Meditation 64:42
Steven Smith
The four vipassana jhanas and the resulting happiness: seclusion, concentration, contentment, wisdom and equanimity.
2003-10-06 Spiritual Emotions: Power To Liberate 64:00
Steven Smith
Detailed description of each Brahma Vihara, in generating and pervading them through oneself and to others in receiving them. Examples of each - enlightened leadership; using Brahma Viharas as basis for political freedom. How acts of kindness have rippling effects with unknown and mysterious consequences.
2003-10-12 Sustaining Mindfulness Part 1: Confidence & Courage 64:09
Steven Smith
Part 1 illuminates the fundamental nature and support of faith, or confidence, as a sustaining force in practice. Courageous energy follows, as the courage required to carry Dhamma into depths of one’s being.
2003-10-20 Sustaining Mindfulness - Part 2: Patience And Renunciation 65:45
Steven Smith
Patience and renunciation: what they are and how they support the development of mindfulness and the path to liberation.
2003-10-28 The Happiness Of Insight 68:01
Steven Smith
Inspiring metaphors and stories for retreat practice and daily life about the happiness & joys of insight meditation not dependent upon what's happening in the world around us.
2004-06-06 Cool Warmth Of Metta 59:16
Steven Smith
Overview of four sublime abidings and description of each one, with stories, examples and mysterious positive consequences of actions motivated by metta, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity.
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