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Metta/Vipassana Retreat

1999-05-28 (19 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-05-31 Planting A Metta Garden 51:30
Michele McDonald
patience and acceptance in the cultivation of metta and mindfulness
1999-06-03 Appreciating Joy In The Face Of The Joys And Sorrows In This Life 51:40
Michele McDonald
learning to transform our awareness of pleasure in this world into sympathetic joy (mudita)
1999-06-10 Just Along For The Ride 48:39
Michele McDonald
learning to apply mindfulness to all of our experience: recognition, acceptance, interest and non-identification
1999-06-14 "To Love And To Say Goodbye" Supports To Practice 53:46
Michele McDonald
supporting our daily practice with forgiveness, generosity, and patience.
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