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2022-11-25 Q&A 58:05
Ajahn Sucitto
00:33 Can you please explain the significance of the phrase “the four pairs, the eight kinds of noble beings”; 03:11 The suttas talk of a body witness. What does this mean?; 05:10 Are consciousness, awareness and citta the same thing?; 15:13 Can you speak more about the aggregates please – rupa, vedena, sanya, sankara, vinnyana? 24:03 Could you explain context and purpose in relation to sampajañña / clear comprehension? 29:52 What is meant by “mindfulness preceding the object”. Does this precede the knowing of a specific phenomenon? 32:12 Why does the mind often feel it needs to be comfortable in order to settle? Do we need to relinquish this need? 37:51 Sometimes I get the feel g the breath doesn’t want me following it; 41:22 Some teachers suggest experiencing the breath as a concept rather than a physical sensation. Did the Buddha emphasize one over another? 46:45 I have a lot of fear arising and I send it metta-karuna but samadhi seems to make it stronger; 50:27 Pease speak about the hindrance of doubt, particularly self-doubt; 55:25 Can you speak about compassion and emptiness of self.
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