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Dharma Talks
2020-07-03 Applying Early Buddhist Perspective to Contemporary Issues 55:09
  James Baraz
Ven. Bhikkhu Analayo has just written an essay exploring how the early Buddhist perspective shows that diversity work can become an integral part of the Buddhist path of practice. We will explore some of Ven. Analayo's ideas and see how we can apply them in our own practice. We'll also touch a recent article by Bhikkhu Bodhi, another esteemed Buddhist scholar, entitled "From Tragedy to Hope: Reflections on the Killing of George Floyd".
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley IMCB Regular Talks

2020-07-02 02 guided meditation: mindfulness of breathing 22:51
  Jill Shepherd
An introduction to mindfulness of breathing, using the rhythm of the breath to steady awareness and then refining mindfulness to stay connected with the details of the breath, one half-breath at a time
Auckland Insight Meditation Foundations of Insight

2020-07-02 01 talk intro to insight meditation 19:30
  Jill Shepherd
A short introduction to insight meditation, its purpose and the key techniques for developing mindfulness (sati) and stability of mind (samadhi)
Auckland Insight Meditation Foundations of Insight

2020-07-01 Meditation: Calling on Our Inner Bodhisattva 21:11
  Tara Brach
We each have within us the very source of wisdom and love. This meditation calls forward that essence, our awakening heart, so we can seek guidance and nurturing for the parts of us that need a healing attention.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2020-07-01 Shame, Healing and Transformation 48:43
  Tara Brach
Being at war with ourselves blocks us from evolving our consciousness and living from our hearts. This talk distinguishes between toxic and healthy shame, as well as shame about our individual self and our group identity. We explore how, with self-compassion and courageous honesty, we can respond to negative, painful feelings about ourselves in a way that serves awakening and alignment with our deepest values.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2020-07-01 The Dharma Is a Bridge over Troubled Waters 44:00
  Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

2020-07-01 Beyond the Worldly Winds 57:45
  Zohar Lavie
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall

2020-06-30 Cultivating Patience 45:06
  Shaila Catherine
Shaila Catherine discusses the importance of patience in our practice. This talk explores benefits, opportunities, and challenges that we experience when cultivating this often under appreciated virtue of patience.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley

2020-06-28 Five Elements & Awareness 33:09
  Ayya Santacitta
Guided Meditation ~ What Compels You to Practice? ~ Retreat for White Heron Sangha
Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery

2020-06-28 'Bitter Medicine' 37:48
  Ayya Santacitta
Five Subjects for Frequent Recollection ~ What Compels You to Practice? ~ Retreat for White Heron Sangha
Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery

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