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Dharma Talks
2022-06-10 Opening to Our Best Interests 20:21
Nathan Glyde
Nirodha Insight Meditation in Finland In Our Best Interests

2022-06-10 Dharma and Recovery 1:21:54
Kevin Griffin
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2022-06-10 19 meditation: equanimity 29:57
Jill Shepherd
Practising with choiceless attention, simply opening to whatever experiences arise moment to moment and orienting to the stable, steady awareness that knows it all (including the strong winds swirling around the meditation hall)
Southern Insight Meditation (Staveley Camp) Rest, renewal, resilience, release

2022-06-10 18 instructions: equanimity 9:07
Jill Shepherd
Brief instructions for bringing equanimity to endings, including the ending of this retreat
Southern Insight Meditation (Staveley Camp) Rest, renewal, resilience, release

2022-06-10 Metta Introduction 37:26
Walt Opie
A brief definition of metta or loving-kindness, followed by some stories and an introduction to the practice.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Establishing Awareness: Insight Meditation Retreat

2022-06-10 Mindfulness of breathing: review 50:34
Sally Armstrong
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge June 2022 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2022-06-09 5 Methods to Work with Troublesome Thoughts: MN #20: Vitakkasanthana Sutta 49:43
James Baraz
The Buddha gave a teaching on five different methods he recommended to work with disturbing thoughts. When we are mindful of the thinking process it's possible to see thoughts simply as mental fabrications. However, when we get caught in them and the body gets activated, we spin out in the story and are caught in a negative emotional response. We become identified with those mental formations and can more easily get lost. When that happens, the Buddha offers these five strategies as skillful techniques to deal with the confused mind.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2022-06-09 16 talk: Seven Factors of Awakening 44:51
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the seven factors of awakening factors, including some common misunderstandings about awakening and some ways to support the awakening factors to arise
Southern Insight Meditation (Staveley Camp) Rest, renewal, resilience, release

2022-06-09 14 meditation: spaciousness 30:07
Jill Shepherd
Tuning in to space as a support for experiencing spaciousness in the mind
Southern Insight Meditation (Staveley Camp) Rest, renewal, resilience, release

2022-06-08 The Power of Rest 55:25
Oren Jay Sofer
Nature flows through a cycle of rhythms, but modern life disconnects us from the natural rhythms of our world. When activity (physical or mental) is not balanced with rest, we burn out. Join Oren for an evening of meditation as we learn about what supports and hinders our ability to rest, and how rest can be the hidden key to unlocking your meditation practice.
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

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