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Dharma Talks
2007-06-02 The Hindrances 58:01
Bhante Bodhidhamma
date estimated
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat :  Talks with an Accompanying Italian Translation

2007-06-02 Sila: Virtuous Conduct 58:34
Kamala Masters
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge June 2007 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2007-06-02 Beginner's Mind - The Bio-Suit 59:52
Phillip Moffitt
A guided meditation leading to an exploration of the first foundation of mindfulness. Questions addressed include: why focus on the body and how the body relates to the other foundations.

2007-06-01 June Retreat 1:15:20
Sayadaw Vivekananda
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2007-06-01 Interpersonal desires and fears - the roles of tanha 33:02
Gregory Kramer
What activates the desires and fears we have when we come into contact with another? Meditation is about seeing things as they actually are, the operation of the heartmind intra and interpersonally. The mind will then incline towards what is wise. The heart is moved by contact with another. However there is pressure/tendencies of the mind to move into agitation and confusion on contact with others. What activates the fears and desires of interpersonal interaction? Hunger (tanha) pressurises thoughts and feelings so that the mind doesn't settle. It is like fuel or an electric current for the system (personality) that is in place. All thoughts/actions/speech are conditioned by past habits and occurrences (sankhara conditions namarupa). Hunger/craving fuels/energises the system to generate more constructs along the same lines as previous ones. (These can be wise or unwise habits) There are three hungers: 1) Hunger for sense desires which includes social desires as well e.g. avoidance of loneliness which is like a death of the self. it might be seeking pleasure from others, seeking approval from parents, or in a Buddhist rebirth sense of driving from life to life. 2) Hunger to be seen, to become. 3) Hunger not to be seen e.g. interacting whilst performing a role, wearing a mask so the 'real you' is hidden, limiting contact with people, or having contact defined procedurally so it is blinkered - again a form of 'hiding'.
Insight Dialogue Community (Barre Center for Buddhist Studies)

2007-06-01 Mahasi Instructions and Metta Chant 45:50
Bhante Bodhidhamma
date estimated
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat :  Talks with an Accompanying Italian Translation

2007-06-01 Metta Retreat Introduction 56:13
Michele McDonald
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Metta (Lovingkindness) Retreat

2007-05-31 Faith - The Final Frontier 52:09
Ajahn Sucitto
Abhayagiri Monastery

2007-05-30 Realizing Our Basic Goodness 1:20:37
Tara Brach
Our greatest suffering is not realizing who we are. Identified with a sense of separate and deficient self, we forget the basic goodness of our heart and awareness. In this two part series we will explore the practices of presence that support us in awakening from the prison of trance, deepening our empathy and embodying the goodness that is our deepest nature.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2007-05-30 The Mind and the Way: Right Attitude for Meditation 55:39
Mark Nunberg
Dharma Talk
Common Ground Meditation Center

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