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Dharma Talks
2019-12-23 Practicing at the Winter Solstice & Holiday Time: Embracing the Dark, Inviting the Light 1:13:36
  Donald Rothberg
At an often frenetic time in our society, it can be important to find a time to stop and dis-engage from our busy-ness, for a few hours, a half-day, a day, or longer. This can help us in many ways, including knowing more deeply and intuitively what our next steps might be, in alignment with our integrity. This is crucial both individually and for those engaged in responding to the crises of our world. We explore five key ways to be with such a process—to embrace the darkness of this time, and to come to know how being with the darkness is generative and brings light.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2019-12-24 Short guided compassion meditation for the Australian bushfire situation 14:41
  Jill Shepherd
A fifteen minute guided compassion meditation, offering compassion for all human beings and all other living beings affected by the current bushfire crisis in Australia
Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

2019-12-24 The Four Noble Truths 63:26
  Ajahn Sucitto
When we cultivate awakening, the first thing we awaken to is dukkha. Burdens that have been clung to remain in the heart. Incline towards what arises with acceptance and goodwill. When we experience contact without clinging, fighting or fascination, the tide washes over and what’s left is inner peace.
Uttama Bodhi Vihara :  Retreat with Ajahn Sucitto

2019-12-24 Q & A, and Short Talk 1:10:08
  Rob Burbea
Gaia House Practising the Jhānas

2019-12-24 Closing Comments and Encouragement 16:12
  Ajahn Sucitto
Do resonances of gratitude reach other people? We can’t be sure, but our hearts feel richer and free, so we do it. The more you share, the richer you get. As Dhamma practitioners we lead the way in such sharing.
Uttama Bodhi Vihara :  Retreat with Ajahn Sucitto

2019-12-25 The Second Jhana 1:31:05
  Rob Burbea
Gaia House Practising the Jhānas

2019-12-26 True to Your Deepest Desires (Talk and Short Guided Meditation) 1:12:58
  Rob Burbea
Gaia House Practising the Jhānas

2019-12-26 Honoring Ram Dass and End of Year Reflections 65:12
  James Baraz
At the end of the year, we reflect on endings and new beginnings. James offers some reflections on Ram Dass, beloved teacher and mentor, who passed away on Sunday, December 22. Then the community shares an end of year ceremony for increasing wholesome states and weakening unwholesome states.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley IMCB Regular Talks

2019-12-27 Devotion to Mindfulness 53:54
  Mark Nunberg
Dharma Talk led by Mark Nunberg as a part of the end of the year retreat
Common Ground Meditation Center Mindfulness Immersed in the Body - An Embodied Awakening

2019-12-27 Q & A 1:27:48
  Rob Burbea
Gaia House Practising the Jhānas

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