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Dharma Talks
2020-05-05 Four Brahma Viharas Practice in Daily Life, Part 1 (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 43:29
  Tempel Smith
Description: To bring forward the highest heart quality of Equanimity we need to understand all four brahma viharas (heavenly dwellings: friendliness, compassion, celebration, and balance) and how the work together in beautiful harmony.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Equanimity Retreat - Online

2020-05-05 Unification of Spread Awareness and Metta 45:08
  Nathan Glyde
Bringing the heart and mind into the body, holding the body in heart and mind. Then keeping the awareness spread including beings we feel grateful for, and those who are struggling right now. Wishing them and all beings well.
Gaia House Living Fearlessly With Change - Closing Retreat

2020-05-05 The Four Heavenly Messengers & Covid 31:36
  Ayya Santacitta
Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery

2020-05-06 Guided Equanimity Mindfulness of Pleasure, Pain, and Neutrality (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 58:02
  Tempel Smith
Description: Guided meditation to bring mindful intimacy to pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral experiences in the body and other phenomena. This is the second foundation of mindfulness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Equanimity Retreat - Online

2020-05-06 Instructions Day 1 - Open and Steady 44:13
  Zohar Lavie
Gaia House Living Fearlessly With Change - Closing Retreat

2020-05-06 From the Ordinary Mind to the Buddha Mind 17: Transforming Reactivity 1 68:42
  Donald Rothberg
We begin with some remembering of our current context of crisis, and the possibility of having major learning and transformation come out of this time—personally, relationally, and collectively—rather than simply going back to the old “normal.” Then we continue to explore the different dimensions of awakening from our habits and conditioning, here looking at what may be the most central dimension—transforming dukkha (or “reactivity”—compulsively grasping after the pleasant, pushing away the unpleasant); the Buddha said once, “I teach dukkha and the end of dukkha.” We examine: (1) the nature of dukkha or reactivity, grounding in the core teachings of Dependent Origination and the Two Arrows; (2) the nature of non-reactivity, or freedom or liberation or responsiveness; and (3) how to practice to transform reactivity, identifying six ways of practicing, and focusing here on the first four.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2020-05-06 Hindrances in Daily Life or Deep Meditation 32:21
  Nathan Glyde
Hindrances appear in daily life, on the 'cushion', and right into deep experiences: if there is an appearance there must be a hindrance in someway, pushing and pulling at life. How can we be approariate to what arises? Joyfully breaking the (so called) hindrances into 5, or 3, or just 1, is a way of looking at these fabricated experiences, that helps us approach them with skill, flexibility, and freedom, no matter where they arise.
Gaia House Living Fearlessly With Change - Closing Retreat

2020-05-06 Mettā To Oneself and All That Occurs To Oneself 43:42
  Nathan Glyde
Spreading mettā through body and mind, and all that appears in body, and to mind, then opening that out to all beings everywhere...
Gaia House Living Fearlessly With Change - Closing Retreat

2020-05-06 Life is our Dharma Path 46:16
  Lila Kate Wheeler
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

2020-05-06 Meditation: Openhearted Presence 23:25
  Tara Brach
This meditation guides us in embodying loving presence through a body scan, and then meeting whatever arises with a tender heart. We close with a beautiful blessing-poem from John O’Donohue.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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