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Dharma Talks
2020-10-11 Monday moring meditation: body, heart and mind coming together 43:08
  Jill Shepherd
Steadying and stilling the body as a support for steadying and stilling the heart-mind
Auckland Insight Meditation

2020-10-11 Q&A 36:28
  Ajahn Sucitto
How does release come about; working with regret/results of unskillful actions; how to sense into spine and other internal body parts; how to hold good heartedness towards seemingly evil behaviors; wanting to meet aggression with aggression; working with drowsiness; waning interest in events around me.
London Insight :  Finding and Using the Missing Piece

2020-10-11 06 talk: Heavenly Messengers 2 - Ageing 23:05
  Jill Shepherd
A short introduction to the heavenly messenger of ageing, as an invitation to explore our attitudes to our own ageing
Auckland Insight Meditation Cultivating resilience in challenging times: Learning from the "heavenly messengers"

2020-10-11 Walking Meditation – Soothing Tension 12:45
  Ajahn Sucitto
The mobility of walking helps soothe feelings of tension and aggression. The loose and the strong aspects as you walk create a feedback loop to circulate energy. A comfortable collectedness of energy can result.
London Insight :  Finding and Using the Missing Piece

2020-10-11 Recollecting Faith 15:02
  Ajahn Sucitto
We use embodiment as a holding frame to bring heart and mind together. Energy is the meeting point. Recollect your faith – why you do this practice – to uplift and fortify energy. This provides some ballast from being knocked around by the world.
London Insight :  Finding and Using the Missing Piece

2020-10-11 Mettā Samādhi or Samādhi Mettā 55:38
  Nathan Glyde
Exploring what happens when we offer mettā phrases that resonate with and radiate the felt sense of samādhi. Apologies: there are a lot of environmental noises from the sonic-cityscape I sat in to offer this online session. Hopefully the inimitable delight of Dharma overcomes the occasional annoyance of a horn, alarm, or call of a city dwellers.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Oct 2020

2020-10-11 Q&A 35:13
  Ajahn Sucitto
Advice for young people experiencing panic attacks, lack of motivation, depression; how to locate tension and contraction in the body; feeling restless about others’ difficulties and wanting to share Dhamma; working with disconnects in society; working with external sounds in meditation; how to get more steadiness in meditation when body is so uncomfortable.
London Insight :  Finding and Using the Missing Piece

2020-10-11 Awakening in a Time of Crisis 65:21
  Donald Rothberg
What does our practice look like at a time of multiple crises? We explore the great contemporary need for many of us to deepen in our path of awakening, and deepen in or sustain our ways of responding to the needs of our world. We look at the nature of awakening, both in its traditional and contemporary forms, and ask: How might I bring my practice of awakening up a notch or two? We look at how we can integrate this awakening process with our responsive action, pointing to what we might call a contemporary curriculum for those integrating inner and outer transformation. Following the talk, we have a discussion covering many aspects of our theme of awakening in a time of crisis.
Marin Sangha

2020-10-11 Energy of Sharing 21:55
  Ajahn Sucitto
A shift in energy affords an opportunity to reform in accordance with Dhamma rather than personal history. The power of love is an energy we can be formed in, and the more widely it’s shared out, the richer and grander we become.
London Insight :  Finding and Using the Missing Piece

2020-10-12 01 talk: introduction to mindfulness meditation for beginners 14:37
  Jill Shepherd
A short talk introducing insight meditation for beginners
Auckland Insight Meditation Introduction to Insight Meditation

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