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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
2005-07-23 Going Home 51:03
Sharon Salzberg

2005-07-23 Until Death Do Us Part: The Power of Determination 54:55
Ayya Medhanandi
Are you interested in becoming fully awakened? The development of determination (aditthana) is one of the Ten Perfections that will allow you to persevere with your practice in spite of difficulties and distractions. A talk given at the Melbourne Buddhist Society of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia in 2005.
Australian Insight Meditation Network (Buddhist Society of Victoria)

2005-07-22 Vipassana 60:14
Steve Armstrong

2005-07-21 Refrain From Unskillful Actions 59:30
Joseph Goldstein

2005-07-21 Refrain from Unskillful Actions 59:56
Joseph Goldstein

2005-07-20 Sandy Borcher Talking About Her Teacher 62:00
Sylvia Boorstein
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2005-07-19 Balance 47:33
Sharon Salzberg

2005-07-19 Spirit Rock 47:59
Sharon Salzberg

2005-07-18 On Turning 60 64:00
Jack Kornfield
The Mystery of Incarnation, The Lessons of Time, & the Dharma Path
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2005-07-17 Meditation Overview 57:35
Joseph Goldstein

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