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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
1989-12-15 Practice Outside Of Retreat 69:22
Joseph Goldstein
appreciating our practice in daily life

1989-12-07 Questions And Answers 62:34
Joseph Goldstein

1989-12-04 Consciousness: The Power Of The Mind 58:43
Joseph Goldstein
cultivating the elemental forces of the mind

1989-12-01 Faith, Motivation, And The Hindrances 46:55
Christina Feldman
sustaining the practice with the inspiration of faith
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1989-12-01 Peace 50:58
Jack Kornfield
What does it mean to be at peace in our hearts, with oneself, and with nature?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

1989-12-01 Clear Comprehension 50:30
James Baraz
building the bridge of clear comprehension that connects our practice of "bearing attention" to our full spiritual development
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1989-11-27 Brahma Viharas 61:43
James Baraz
reflecting upon the sublime states of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1989-11-25 Right Attitude 58:02
Carol Wilson
Removing the barriers between practice and non-practice, between our spiritual life and daily existence.

1989-11-23 Guided Lovingkindness Meditation 47:18
Sharon Salzberg
Lovingkindness, or metta as it is known in Pali, is a universal, unselfish and all-embracing love that protects, supports and heals both oneself and others. This guided meditation for cultivating the power of metta begins by directing positive sentiments towards oneself and progresses to radiate this well-wishing outward towards specific people and finally to all beings everywhere, without limit.

1989-11-22 Marana Sati: Deathmindedness 1:33:34
Larry Rosenberg
Shining the light of death on our lives.
In collection Dying And Death

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