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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
2022-01-19 Four Elements Instructions: Mindfulness of Earth Element 54:12
Bonnie Duran
Guided meditations on body scan for Earth Element.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Four Elements Retreat

2022-01-19 16 meditation: equanimity 25:43
Jill Shepherd
Orienting to spaciousness and ease as supports for the steadiness of equanimity
Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre Deepening into stillness, opening to peace

2022-01-19 Supporting Equanimity: I Talk to My Friends. 1:56:03
Sylvia Boorstein
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-01-19 Water Element (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 31:22
Kate Munding
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Four Elements Retreat

2022-01-19 Gifts of Uncertainty, with Joanna Macy 46:12
Betsy Rose
We listen to a 2009 talk by ecologist, Buddhist, and systems thinker Joanna Macy, on the 5 gifts of uncertainty -- gifts for these unstable and uncertain times. With further teachings from Betsy Rose on Martin Luther King and Gandhi, and these gifts manifest in their life work.
Assaya Sangha

2022-01-19 Week 2 - Guided Meditation 47:25
Kirsten Kratz
Metta - Kindness to Self, Benefactor, and Neutral Person
Gaia House Transforming Self - Transforming World (online series)

2022-01-19 Ease of energy 56:10
Jeanne Corrigal
This week we explore the 5th parami of energy - tuning into energy as a sustaining force, and turning it toward wise effort.
Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community Wednesday Night Talks: The Parami (2021-2022)

2022-01-19 Understanding Dukkha (un-satisfactoriness and suffering) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 48:42
Kate Munding
Introducing the Three Characteristics of existence through the practice of the four elements.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Four Elements Retreat

2022-01-19 The Zen of Therapy: Uncovering a Hidden Kindness in Life 36:31
Mark Epstein
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

2022-01-19 Meditation: Silence, Presence and Care 21:04
Tara Brach
Quieting our busy bodies and minds brings alive our heart and spirit. This practice begins with a reading on silence by Gunilla Norris, and then includes guidance in letting go of tension, opening to aliveness and resting in a caring and wakeful awareness.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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