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Dharma Talks
2022-02-09 32 Parts of the Body Meditation: Discovering Freedom within the Body—Week 5 Large Intestines, Small Intestines, Stomach, Feces, Brain 52:24
Bob Stahl
Please join us for this 8-week “32 Parts of the Body” meditation class that has rarely been taught in the West. This practice will cultivate deeper insight into the true nature of the body and most importantly to help see through the identifications, conditionings, beliefs, and narratives – the erroneous view of self. It has also been used for healing illness. Various methods will be taught to strengthen mindfulness of the body and to explore the mind/body connection. Each class will consist of silent and guided meditation, chanting of the body parts and small and large group discussion. These teachings and practices will help develop greater clarity, wisdom, and compassion; and foster the depth of practice.
Insight Santa Cruz

2022-02-09 Stories and Songs Honoring Thich Nhat Hanh 16:40
Betsy Rose
I met Thay in 1987 and assisted him in many retreats and public talks, singing the songs I wrote inspired by his teachings and poetry. In this talk, I share some stories and songs from these early days that focus on his unorthodox, creative, intuitive, and courageous embodiment of dharma.
Assaya Sangha

2022-02-09 Week 5 - Exploring Equanimity 1:15:34
Kirsten Kratz
Dharma Talk, Guided Meditation, Closing of the Retreat
Gaia House Transforming Self - Transforming World (online series)

2022-02-09 Peace of Truthfulness 58:23
Jeanne Corrigal
The 10 Parami are powers that we can lean into and trust. This week we considered the seventh parami of truthfulness and how this quality can support peace in the heart and mind.
Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community Wednesday Night Talks: The Parami (2021-2022)

2022-02-09 Sudden awakening, gradual cultivation 48:27
Bart van Melik
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Finding the Way Home to Natural Awareness

2022-02-09 One Auspicious Day: The Bhaddekaratta Sutta 50:22
Matthew Daniell
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

2022-02-09 Meditation: Spacious, Clear Awareness 22:41
Tara Brach
This meditation begins with a breath that calms and collects the attention, and then a body scan that enables us to awaken our senses. Finally, we relax open fully to include the changing flow of sounds and sensations, in a spacious, clear awareness.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2022-02-09 Love in Action: Realizing Interbeing 53:57
Tara Brach
The suffering in our world arises out of a sense of separation—from our own bodies and hearts, each other, and this living web. These two talks explore this trance of separation and how it’s led humans to destroying our larger body, Earth. We then look at the pathways of awakening to the truth of “interbeing” and responding to our precious world with love.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2022-02-09 Dharma Talk - Inconstancy 51:33
Nathan Glyde
Gaia House Easing into the Middle Way

2022-02-09 Curiosity and Anatta (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:29
JD Doyle
Exploring Anatta, with an invitation to curiosity and intimacy with the not knowing, beyond the conceptual mind of the constructs of the self. As we investigate the constructions of self, we begin to untangle the sense of self that we are familiar with and open to the possibility of the fullness of Anatta.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Insight Meditation 1 Month Retreat

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