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Dharma Talks
2022-05-24 Wholeheartedly Connecting through Overcoming Ill Will 24:33
Brian Lesage
Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community FIMC Monday Night Talks

2022-05-24 Q&A 38:32
Ajahn Sucitto, Laura Bridgman
Questions are précised and some are read later into the file to protect participants’ anonymity. 00:00 Your explanation of sati as putting a ring around proliferation makes sense to me. How best to do the ring-fencing? 12:46 Q2 Does the Buddha say what the purpose of human life is? 17:39 Q3 What happens when you die? 22:37 Q4 Could you speak more about citta resting in itself. 27:24 Q5 Am I trying to do too much when holding a sense of ground and releasing boundaries for myself? 30:20 Q6 Boundaries in relationships when caring for elderly parents.
Gaia House The Indriya: Allies for Liberation

2022-05-24 The Experience of Dukkha 48:11
Jaya Rudgard
How dukkha is a natural feature of life. When we learn to decondition reactivity, it becomes a gateway to freedom.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Finding Refuge, Finding Home: A Retreat in Nature

2022-05-24 Equanimity 67:43
Winnie Nazarko
This talk addresses the quality of equanimity – what it is and is not – and how to cultivate it
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Metta: Lovingkindness Retreat

2022-05-25 Sati-sampajañña - Clearing Hindrances 60:12
Ajahn Sucitto
Hindrances can be cleared through ‘mindful direct awareness’ – sati sampajañña. Such working through what blocks the potential of citta, demands humility, since it is not one’s personal self doing the work. Body is a key and potent resource.
Gaia House The Indriya: Allies for Liberation

2022-05-25 Practicing with Fear 3 66:03
Donald Rothberg
We start by acknowledging the mass shooting in Texas that occurred yesterday, in the context of our practicing with fear, following up an earlier guided meditation and sharing (not recorded) related to the shooting. We then look generally at the three core ways of practicing with fear, going into some depth on each: (1) cultivating mindfulness and clear seeing (wisdom), (2) working with the heart practices, and (3) acting skillfully. We then focus on how the process of awakening typically involves at each new stage an opening to fear, and also mention some of the dynamics of the "Dark Night of the Soul." Lastly, we look at how to explore and work with fear related to our social world, in terms of the three ways of practicing with fear. There follows a period of discussion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-05-25 Value 47:42
Leela Sarti
From external, objectified value to the implicit value of our beingness
Nirodha Insight Meditation in Finland Timeless Presence

2022-05-25 Sati with other faculties 25:27
Laura Bridgman
The mind is a delicate and responsive instrument. Balancing faith and effort, sati uses gentleness and patience and we learn what is peaceful and natural.
Gaia House The Indriya: Allies for Liberation

2022-05-25 Exploring the Nature of Self (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 54:08
Mark Coleman
How nature reveals the ephemeral, impermanent, interconnected nature of who we are.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Finding Refuge, Finding Home: A Retreat in Nature

2022-05-25 Meditation: Whole Body Breathing (21:25 min.) 21:25
Tara Brach
This guided meditation includes a body scan and invites the receptivity and letting-go of whole body breathing. Once we have awakened the vitality and presence throughout the body, we have access to the formless dimension, the awareness that is our source.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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