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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
1991-01-01 Buddhism and Meditation; Loving-Kindness meditation (Bowral, 91) 1:22:21
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Kereva Park - Australia)
In collection: Lectures By Ven. Ayya Khema

1991-01-01 Purification in Daily Life (Green Gulch Zen Centre, 91) 1:31:22
Ayya Khema
Green Gulch Farm Zen Center
In collection: Lectures By Ven. Ayya Khema

1991-01-01 Balancing Compassion And Detachment 52:13
Michele McDonald
discovering that our freedom does not depend on what is happening but how we relate to what is happening
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center New Year's Retreat with Jack Kornfield

1991-01-01 Introduction to Meditation 55:45
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Buddhist Summer School - Melbourne - Australia) Retreat @ Melbourne

1991-01-01 Refuge & Precepts; Explanation of the Shrine Loving-Kindness Meditation 57:31
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Buddha Dhamma Hermitage, Bundanoon, Australia) Retreat @ Bundanoon

1991-01-01 The "Why" and "How " of Meditation; Mindfulness of the body; Confidence; Loving-Kindness Meditation (Lotus) 1:10:55
Ayya Khema
Gaia House Retreat @ Gaia

1991-01-01 The Samannaphala Sutta, D.N.2 The Discourse on the Fruits of Recluseship; The Historical Background; Loving-Kindness Meditation (gratitude) 1:28:32
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Holy Redeemer - Oakland) Retreat @ Holy Redeemer

1991-01-01 Precepts & Refuge Loving-Kindness Meditation 40:12
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Kereva Park - Australia) Retreat @ Kereva

1991-01-01 Dukkha as our Teacher Loving Kindness - Best Friend 1:26:56
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Mount Eliza - Australia) Retreat @ Mount Eliza

1991-01-01 All the Taints, Sabbasava Sutta, M.2 5 Spiritual Faculties: Mindfulness, Concentration Loving-Kindness Meditation (Best Friend) 1:28:07
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Mount Mary Immaculate, Lafayette, California) 1991 Retreat at Mount Mary

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