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Dharma Talks
1999-09-09 Ultimate And Conventional Reality 52:56
Ajahn Amaro
Can we live with respect and compassion within the world of form, while understanding its ultimate insubstantiality? Can we remember the truth of emptiness while the world of appearances is so compelling? How can we do both at once?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

1999-09-09 The Buddha's Prescription For Happiness: Seven Factors Of Enlightenment 57:18
James Baraz
The Seven Factors of Enlightenment are mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, calm, concentration and equanimity. When brought to fruition they lead to the highest happiness we can experience. How can we cultivate these qualities consciously in our meditation practice and in our life?
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
In collection: Foundations Of Practice

1999-09-08 Shining the Light of Death on Life, Part 10 1:29:43
Larry Rosenberg

1999-09-06 The Five Spiritual Powers 65:27
Sarah Doering
These five qualities of heart and mind lead to understanding and love without limits.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-09-06 Wise Livelihood 52:18
Jack Kornfield

1999-09-05 The Process Of Awakening: Five Spiritual Faculties 60:37
James Baraz
Faith, effort, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom build on each other in a natural development. Understanding their relationship gives us a map for how the meditation process unfolds.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-09-04 Remarkable Self 49:01
Christina Feldman
Gaia House Gaia House Retreat

1999-09-03 Dharma Gates 54:44
Christina Feldman
Gaia House Gaia House Retreat

1999-09-02 Mudita: The Joy Of Appreciation 57:33
Fred Von Allmen
Gaia House Retreat with Fred Von Allmen

1999-09-02 Equanimity 43:59
Christina Feldman
Gaia House Gaia House Retreat

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