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Dharma Talks
2023-04-17 What can I do in these times of complexity? 68:21
Ayya Santacitta
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2023-04-18 Mindfulness of Vedanā, Feeling Tone, The Second Foundation of Mindfulness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 1:18:12
Kaira Jewel Lingo
We explore the three kinds of feeling tone: pleasant, unpleasant and neutral, and also, their underlying tendencies of grasping, aversion, and ignorance. Spanning feelings that arise from the body and mind as well as worldly and unworldly vedanā, we investigate how to create space between the feeling tone and the reactivity that usually follows it so that awareness of feeling can lead to awakening.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center DPP7#3

2023-04-19 Developing the practice takes time 27:55
Ajahn Sucitto
The seeds of practice take time to germinate and grow.
Palilai Buddhist Temple :  Deepen Your Practice

2023-04-19 Guided Meditation - Sitting 17:43
Ajahn Sucitto
Palilai Buddhist Temple :  Deepen Your Practice

2023-04-19 Q&A 69:19
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised: 00:00 Q1 What conditions the in breath and the out breath? Are the in and out breath, one breath? 30:51 Q2 I understand that after achieving samadhi one must do vipassana. Or there’s a need to direct the mind or to know what to see or look out for. 47:45 Q3 On retreat, every time the energy body unlocks some more space in my physical body and seems to open into a relaxing garden. Then it retreats. What’s your advice for my energy body to stay in the garden a bit longer? 51:31 Q4 Is it a must to see past lives to penetrate on the path? 52:34 Q5 I’m afraid of being born without wisdom and beauty. How can make sure I will always be close the dhamma in my next lives? 59:07 Q6 How can I establish daily meditation practice? What’s a good amount of time?
Palilai Buddhist Temple :  Deepen Your Practice

2023-04-19 What Lifts up your Heart? 1:52:07
Sylvia Boorstein
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2023-04-19 Being with change 40:21
Ajahn Sucitto
Circumstances and changing events both shape our worldly life and allow growing insight into the inability to control events. We can learn what lies beyond circumstances.
Palilai Buddhist Temple :  Deepen Your Practice

2023-04-19 Meditation: Befriending Fear with RAIN (15 min.) 19:54
Tara Brach
When we have the courage to pause and meet fear with the mindfulness and compassion of RAIN, our awareness and wisdom awaken. This RAIN meditation will guide you in unhooking from anxiety and fear, offering a pathway to inner transformation and a fearless heart.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC Intimacy with Life: Deepening the Practice of Presence | Spring 2023

2023-04-19 Realizing True Nature: A conversation with A.H. Almaas and Tara Brach 1:16:59
Tara Brach
A.H. Almaas is an author, spiritual teacher and founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization. In this interview we explore ways of approaching awakening to who we are, and look at the importance of befriending the experience of separate self, and actively investigating the blocks – our contracted sense of identity – that obscure the goodness and love of our true nature. Our time weaves in the inspiration of his most recent book, Nondual Love, (his pen name A.H. Almaas is listed as author.)
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2023-04-20 Mindfulness of body and the Brahma viharas 20:47
Caroline Jones
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge April, 2023

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