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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks
2023-06-20 Morning Instructions: the energy before a thought 34:25
Jozen Tamori Gibson
Experienced BIPOC retreat, June 2023
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center By Any Means Necessary: A Journey to Liberation & Freedom Through Wisdom & the Heart

2023-06-20 Q&A 52:12
Ajahn Sucitto
(Questions précised) - 00:32 Q1 Could you please explain what you mean by the cosmos? 16:16 Q2 When you say feeling”, do you mean vedena or more complex emotions? 20:32 Q3 How can one be with emotions and not in them? 33:33 Q4 Could you talk more about tanha and its relationship to sanya and dukkha. 44:21 Q5 In one of the guided meditations, you mentioned getting in touch with joy. How can we do that when it can feel completely absent.
Moulin de Chaves Regaining the Centre

2023-06-20 Curious about Mindfulness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 53:44
Alex Haley
This talk investigates curiosity as an aspect of one common definition of mindfulness. Being curious can help us incline more towards receiving felt-sense experience and avoid getting caught in judgment.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness For Everyone

2023-06-20 Impermanence 46:54
Deborah Ratner Helzer
Twin Cities Vipassana Collective TCVC June 2023

2023-06-20 Two Types of Loving Kindness Meditation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 46:20
Diana Winston
In this meditation we explore "Wet" and "Dry" Loving Kindness. Dry loving kindness is primarily thoughts-based, using repetition of phrases to change your inner "soundtrack." Wet loving kindness is an emotion-based practice where we try to evoke the feeling of kindness and explore what gets in the way. In this guided meditation we try both types.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness For Everyone

2023-06-20 Teachings, Mettā Meditation 57:00
Leigh Brasington
Gaia House Jhanas, Insight, and Dependent Origination

2023-06-21 Finding the purpose of our lives 48:56
Ajahn Sucitto
The relentless bombardment by signals to activate ourselves and evoke heart movement can be noticed.
Moulin de Chaves Regaining the Centre

2023-06-21 Morning Instructions and Sitting (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 49:44
Alex Haley
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness For Everyone

2023-06-21 Q&A 42:28
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions précised - 00:06 Q1 A lot is said about ‘moving away from’. Could you also say something about moving towards? 15:31 Q2 When I have pain while sitting I usually practice with the pain until I feel there may be a risk to my health, for example by restricting blood flow in the leg for too long. Any ideas on this please? 17:23 Q3 Regarding sleepiness while witting, I discovered that by surrendering to it my body deeply rests and then the mind is bright again. Any comments please? 21:52 Q4 Meditation doesn’t allow me to gather energy but actually dissipates it. Why does this happen? 30:53 Q5 I live in a country where’s there’s a lot of suffering and misery and this often throws me into a state between empathy and impotence. What can you advise please? Q6 34:40 I live in the midst of great fear, witnessing emotional hostility. Where do actions and decisions and wise reflection play a part in helping but if I do too much the thinking mind goes astray. What is your advice please? 37:31 Q7 How does one we free oneself from jealousy and comparison? 40:12 Q8 How can we help others who are suffering but believe they are happy?
Moulin de Chaves Regaining the Centre

2023-06-21 My Heart Goes Out to You 1:30:42
Sylvia Boorstein
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

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