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Dharma Talks
2023-09-23 Q&A 1:15:23
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised and read into the file.This text is shortened further. 00.51 Q1 You said we create an imaginary world for our imaginary selves. Some people believe in the power of visualization where we can imagine a better world or a better self. 03.05 Q2 Please distinguish consciousness, the mind and the brain. 05.57 Q3 You use the word heart, but you don't use the word brain. 12.36 Q4 If there's no distinction between you and I, is there just a oneness? 13.00 Q5 Is the citta permanent? 14.13 Q6 A friend said her response to a car alarm was the same as her response to bird song. Where is the place for beauty in this? 15.29 Q7 In walking meditation, do we feel the movement and sense what your mind is doing with that experience? 21.28 Q8 Some thought patterns seem like some kind of karmic knot. They're not comfortable and yet I keep going into them. 25.08 Q9 What can I offer my dying friend to support balance for them? 32.20 Q10 Can thoughts just arise randomly? 37.02 Q11 If someone cheats us, do we just forgive them and move on? 41.18 Q12 I find that many of my interactions, conversations and what I do to work seem to be just abstractions and distractions. My desire to live more in dhamma makes me avoid people without this interest. 46.58 Q13 Do thoughts always arise from feelings? 50.03 Q14 What is time as an experience? 01.00.57 Q15 Where does collective consciousness fit into this? 01.03.09 Q16 How can we plan for the future and avoid the pitfalls of 'becoming'? 01.04.52 Q17 How to use Buddhist practice to deal with trauma and serious anxiety? 01.10.10 Q18 Is the teaching of no satisfaction /suffering more than 'there's no permanent satisfaction'? 01.13.34 Q19 It seems like the more I examine my own suffering, the more compassion I have for other people.
London Insight Meditation In person: a Matter of Balance

2023-09-24 The middle way 54:47
Ajahn Sucitto
This is the epitome of the Buddha's practice. As we practise abandoning our holding on to anything, we can learn how this 'need to hold' is a normal but subversive aspect of our experience.
London Insight Meditation In person: a Matter of Balance

2023-09-24 Q&A 44:23
Ajahn Sucitto
00.36 Q1 I'm very new to meditation. Could you say more about sitting, about posture. 8.12 Q2 If I compare my practice to an elevator I seem to spend a lot of time at the top and would like to go deeper but I'm always going back up to the top again, up and down. 14.36 Q3 Having projects and things that I want to do that require determination, is that incompatible with a meditation practice? 18.35 Q4 My family have been football fans and have supported the Tottenham Hotspurs club for ages. What can you say about this? 21.32 Q5 What guidance can you give on engaging with conflict? 28.47 Q5 What can I do if the values of my friends and acquaintances don't fit with mine? 30.42 Q6 Regarding stream entry, do path and fruit happen simultaneously or does one come after the other?
London Insight Meditation In person: a Matter of Balance

2023-09-24 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Dharma 45:28
Amita Schmidt
It's important to have an orienting principle for Artificial Intelligence or AI. This talk will help you find an orienting principle, as well as give you tools and practices to use during times of great change.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio

2023-09-24 Making Peace 57:00
Bob Stahl
As our meditation practice matures, we may begin to understand the importance of relinquishing grudges, judgments, and resentments through honest reconciliation that may lead to deep healing. We will focus and inquire on four inter-connected facets: 1) Making peace to the times we've been hard on oneselves 2) Making peace to the times you have hurt another 3) Making peace to those who’ve hurt you 4) Making peace with this life, with the way things are
San Francisco Insight Meditation Community SFI Sunday Nights

2023-09-24 Debilitating Self Doubt 4:33
Amita Schmidt
If you have incessant or debilitating doubts here are a few strategies, including how to see/work with it as a part, and help update this part. Also includes a brief description about what Dipa Ma did for students.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio

2023-09-25 Reclaiming the Heart's Beauty (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 51:16
Oren Jay Sofer
An exploration of the power of metta to transform our hearts and our world.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Steadying the Heart: Refuge through the Four Sublime States

2023-09-26 On Karuna (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 42:46
Cara Lai
Some words on compassion; with a focus on ease, trust, letting go, being gentle on yourself and seeing how seeing our own pain can connect us to the whole world.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Steadying the Heart: Refuge through the Four Sublime States

2023-09-27 Compassion Meditation Instructions and Q&A (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 46:47
Jessica Morey
Guided practice taking our own suffering into compassionate awareness as a point of connection to the suffering of others.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Steadying the Heart: Refuge through the Four Sublime States

2023-09-27 An Awesome Service We Can Render 50:21
Ayya Santacitta
Short Reflection & Guided Meditation | Online Wednesday-Mornings | 19
Aloka Earth Room

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