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Dharma Talks
1988-06-26 The Root of Compassion 1:28:51
John Orr

1988-06-19 Final Talk On Samadhi 50:04
Larry Rosenberg

1988-06-18 Continuation Of Samadhi 50:18
Larry Rosenberg

1988-06-01 The Universal and the Personal Wedding of the Heart 46:02
Jack Kornfield
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1988-05-28 Untitled Talk And Questions And Answers 34:45
Vimalo Kulbarz

1988-05-27 Different Aspects Of Meditation 44:15
Vimalo Kulbarz

1988-05-25 The Four Noble Truths 52:31
Vimalo Kulbarz

1988-05-22 Application In Daily Life 26:06
Vimalo Kulbarz

1988-05-21 Awareness 32:11
Vimalo Kulbarz

1988-05-14 Guided Meditation - Mettā 25:28
Ajahn Sucitto
Mettā, which is goodwill or benevolence, is something to practice frequently. It helps our perceptions become more kindly and giving, less critical and holding. Kindness begins by coming into the present moment – breathing, spreading, opening through the whole body. From this state practice referring to what arises with patience, compassion and gratitude.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Monastic Retreat

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