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Dharma Talks
2024-02-10 4 formes de liberté 67:31
Pascal Auclair
Centre Bouddhiste Vimalakirti 4 formes de liberté

2024-02-10 In the Name of Wisdom 14:12
Ayya Medhanandi
What does it mean to be noble? As a daughter of the Buddha, I learn that no name can confer authority or self-respect, nor does opinion, tradition or entitlement bestow them, for as the Buddha wisely teaches, “One does not become a noble one by birth. It is by one's deeds that one attains to nobility.”  Just so, the riches of our human journey are revealed in the fire of inner purification. Therein we find our true name. It is nothing less than the pure presence behind every name – the emptiness in which all personal identity dissolves. And where only unconditional love abides.
Sati Saraniya Hermitage

2024-02-10 Guiding Your Practice 49:50
Ayya Santussika
Karuna Buddhist Vihara

2024-02-09 Saddha: Kindling the Flame of Faith (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 51:56
Jaya Rudgard
Reflections on the different forms of faith as conviction, confidence, trust and devotion and how to nurture these.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Insight Meditation Retreat--1 Month

2024-02-09 The Roots of Dharma & Recovery 0:00
Kevin Griffin
(Recording not available) 
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma and Recovery

2024-02-08 February 2024 Monthlong: The Last Three Hindrances of Sloth & Torpor, Restlessness & Worry, and Doubt (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:21
Tara Mulay
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Insight Meditation Retreat--1 Month

2024-02-07 Meditation: Relaxed and Alert 19:37
Tara Brach
This meditation begins with a period of relaxing and collecting our attention with intentional long, deep breathing. We then deepen embodied presence, and widen to the awareness that includes sounds, sensations, feelings, breath, and all experience. When the mind drifts from this open, awake awareness, we gently return, re-relaxing and resting in an easeful, alert presence. Recorded at Tara’s Wednesday night class, the meditation ends with a sense of melting into community – relaxed and alert.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2024-02-07 What is the Path to Peace? A conversation with Tara Brach and Assaf Katz 61:44
Tara Brach
Assaf Katz is an activist and Buddhist teacher in Israel who opposes the Israeli governments’ devastating military action and long occupation in Palestine, and is dedicated to finding a path to peace. This conversation was part of an event for the Tovana mediation community in Israel. We talk about the inner process behind my circulation of a short piece responding to the violence in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel; how we can work with strong reactive emotions and trauma; what helps us to speak and act in a way that is truly serves the greater good, and what can give us hope for eventual peace. This offering includes the recording of a question/response period and a sharing of prayers. Read the article “What is Love Asking From Us?”
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2024-02-07 The Hindrances of Sense Desire & Ill-Will (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 47:43
John Martin
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Insight Meditation Retreat--1 Month

2024-02-07 Morning reflection: meditation as an act of love 6:22
Jeanne Corrigal
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge February, 2024

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