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Dharma Talks
2024-03-27 The Three Major Schools of Buddhism 13:22
Dhammananda Bhikkhuni
Songdhammakalyani Monastery

2024-03-27 If I Say 'Yes' to What Is, I Can Drop Deeper 55:44
Ayya Santacitta
Short Reflection & Guided Meditation | Earthworm Practice for the Anthropocene | Online Wednesday-Mornings
Aloka Earth Room

2024-03-27 The flow to liberation: Feeding the Citta 44:01
Ajahn Sucitto
Using the Four Foundations of Mindfulness we experience energy in the body, let it be. Allow feelings and mental formations to subside. Cultivate the enlightenment factors.
Cittaviveka Step-by-Step: the Upwards Flow

2024-03-26 Ethical Responsibility Leads to Concentration and Release 44:17
Ajahn Sucitto
A basis of virtuous conduct is a conditioning factor for good concentration, which in turn conditions seeing things as they are, which ultimately conditions knowledge, deliverance and release.
Cittaviveka Step-by-Step: the Upwards Flow

2024-03-25 The Circular Process: Right View, Right Mindfulness and Right Effort 42:34
Ajahn Sucitto
Three key factors of the Noble Eightfold Path circle around and support each other: Right View, which scans to see which skilful qualities need to be developed, Right Mindfulness, which sustains attention on this development, and Right Effort, which provides the energy to complete the transformation.
Cittaviveka Step-by-Step: the Upwards Flow

2024-03-24 Patience—Developing the Pāramīs as a Way to Work with Aversion | Ayya Santussikā 66:05
Ayya Santussika
This dhamma talk, guided meditation, and Q&A was offered on March 23, 2024 for “How do I apply the Dhamma to THIS!?!” *Please note, some participant questions have been omitted from the Q&A portion of the recording, however Ayya Satussikā's answers to their questions have remained.
Karuna Buddhist Vihara

2024-03-22 Counting, This Morning, What Powers Still Remain to Me 12:19
Devon Hase
Homage to Jane Hirshfield and reflections on how the path grows our equanimity, and also our humanity
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge March 2024

2024-03-21 short talk: Changing our relationship to dukkha 13:07
Jill Shepherd
Auckland Insight Meditation Auckland Insight meetings

2024-03-21 Equanimity is a Superpower 56:13
Devon Hase
How equanimity helps us navigate life in retreat and in the world
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge March 2024

2024-03-21 Great Female Disciples of the Buddha 50:09
James Baraz
Most of the Buddha's disciples whose names we are familiar with, such as Ananda and Sariputta, are men. The Buddha also had women disciples who were wise and profound practitioners like Mahapajapati, the Buddha's aunt/foster mother, responsible for the establishment of the order of nuns or Patacara, revered teacher, who tragically lost her family and eventually became fully enlightened. “If the measure of a human life is a chance to have significance that extends beyond itself, then we’ve hit the jackpot. We are alive at game time on the planet, when everything we value is genuinely threatened, when it’s time for all hands on deck.” —Terry Patten, A New Republic of the Heart
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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