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Walt Opie's Dharma Talks
Walt Opie
Walt Opie was first introduced to insight meditation in 1993 and began sitting retreats in 2005. Currently, his most influential teachers include Bhikkhu Analayo, Joseph Goldstein, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and Gil Fronsdal. Walt is a graduate of the 2017-2021 IMS Teacher Training Program, as well as Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leaders program. He has led sitting groups for people in recovery and served as a volunteer teacher in several California prisons.
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2024-05-10 Cultivating Gratitude, Acceptance and Honesty in Recovery 1:18:58
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma and Recovery
2023-12-08 Spiritual Awakening and Compassion in Recovery 1:30:07
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma and Recovery
2023-08-31 Craving the end of craving 46:13
The Buddha often pointed to craving as the cause of our suffering. Walt explores how craving arises and how we might come to the end of craving. Ajahn Sucitto said, "In fact, our craving is about something we don’t have... The source is the ‘not having.’" When we start to see this with mindfulness and clear comprehension, we have more freedom to choose healthy habits over unhealthy habits, and we can begin to value the wholesome over the unwholesome. This can eventually become the condition for great happiness.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
2023-05-24 Reflections on Non-Clinging 30:02
Walt begins this talk with his experience of the Golden Buddha, and goes on to explore non-clinging as a way of unveiling our own inner treasure. He offers concrete examples of impermanence in daily life which support letting go.
Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community
2022-07-08 Dharma and Recovery 1:20:03
Spirit Rock Meditation Center July Lovingkindness Retreat
2022-06-11 Wise effort 56:27
Some thoughts and readings related to making wise effort in practice to cultivate the wholesome and eradicate the unwholesome.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Establishing Awareness: Insight Meditation Retreat
2022-06-10 Metta Introduction 37:26
A brief definition of metta or loving-kindness, followed by some stories and an introduction to the practice.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Establishing Awareness: Insight Meditation Retreat
2021-12-01 Insight Into Feeling Tone (Vedana) 51:32
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
2021-07-17 Stillness Meditation 21:23
Spirit Rock Meditation Center "July Insight Meditation Retreat" with Kamala Masters, Joseph Goldstein, bruni dávila, Shelly Graf and Walt Opie
2021-07-09 Dharma and Recovery 43:08
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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