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Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia's Dharma Talks
Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia
Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia has been offering instruction in Theravada Buddhist teachings and practices since 1990. She is a student of the western forest sangha, the disciples of Ajahn Sumedho and Ajahn Chah, and is a Lay Buddhist Minister in association with Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in California. She served as resident teacher of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts from 1996 through 1999. Taraniya teaches at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and at Dhamma centers in the United States.
2011-05-27 Seeing the Dhamma in the dhammas 60:48
The fourth foundation of mindfulness lists five groupings for contemplation - the five hindrances, the five aggregates, the six sense bases, the seven factors of awakening, and the Four Noble Truths. We gather insights into these categories as we practice with the first three foundations of mindfulness and as we attend to mundane activities of our lives.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge May 2011 at IMS - Forest Refuge

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