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Retreat Dharma Talks

Insight Meditation as a Path to Freedom

In this silent mindfulness meditation retreat we will explore the innate quality of awareness as the foundation for cultivating clarity, understanding and insight into our human experience. We will investigate how through mindfulness practice we can develop insight into the causes of stress and the causes of genuine happiness. We will examine what it means to abide with kindness and awareness in the midst of life, so we can live with a genuine non-reactive freedom wherever we are.

2017-07-24 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2017-07-25 Path of the Buddha (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 64:47
Howard Cohn
The Buddha's path of awakening to the four noble truths.
2017-07-26 The 5 Hindrances and the 4 Floods (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 48:11
Bonnie Duran
This talk is about the very common experiences of early retreat. Not perfect - Not Permanent - Not Personal
2017-07-27 Meeting the Characteristic of Life with Awareness and Compassion (Talk at Spirit Rock) 54:14
Mark Coleman
This talk explores how to learn to cultivate kindness and presence in relation to the challenging conditions of life, including the reality of change.
2017-07-28 You Are Not What You Think (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 52:08
Howard Cohn
Understanding Anatta and Self View: seeing the difference between ourselves and our views of ourselves.
2017-07-29 The Eightfold Path: Integrity, Mind Cultivation, Wisdom (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 48:12
Bonnie Duran
A discussion of Sila, Samadhi and Panna in daily life. Magga Rocks!
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