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Retreat Dharma Talks

People of Color Retreat

Coming together as a community, we create a space of ease and support to meditate and cultivate inner freedom. Held in an environment of silence, this retreat provides an in-depth experience of the Buddha’s teachings on mindful awareness, as well as the cultivation of lovingkindness meditation, illuminating a path toward healing and greater happiness. Those without previous meditation experience are encouraged to participate.

2019-06-18 (7 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2019-06-19 Renunciation, A Path To Freedom 62:41
Amana Brembry Johnson
Renunciation as an act of letting go of the blockages and barriers to liberation. An invitation to relinquish technology.
2019-06-20 First Day Morning Instructions, Precepts and Taking Refuge 59:25
Kamala Masters
2019-06-20 Four Nobel Truths - POC 65:34
DaRa Williams
2019-06-21 POC Retreat - Compassion and Wisdom 62:50
Kamala Masters
These "two wings" of the Dharma are important to understand how it is a balance between opening the heart and developing wisdom.
2019-06-22 Instructions - POC Retreat - day 4 57:58
DaRa Williams
Hindrances and review
2019-06-22 Radiating Metta With Light Imagery 60:35
Amana Brembry Johnson
There are many doorways into metta practice. This doorway of practice is through guided meditation with 3-D imagery.
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