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Retreat Dharma Talks

Embodying the Heart of Wisdom: New Year’s Retreat

The Buddha's teachings offer a pathway to discover inner peace, freedom and the compassionate heart. Through understanding the way things are, we can come to know what it means to awaken in the midst of our life, to be deeply connected to our experience, and yet not bound by it.

This silent retreat will focus on cultivating a quality of conscious presence that embraces our heart, mind and body with acceptance and wisdom. Insight meditation practice will be supported by instructions, lovingkindness meditation and regular meetings with the teachers. All are welcome.

2019-12-29 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2019-12-29 New Year Retreat Opening Talk 62:02
Yanai Postelnik
2019-12-30 First Morning Reflections and Sitting Meditation Instructions 45:47
Yanai Postelnik
2019-12-30 Your Attention Can Become Beautiful 45:37
Catherine McGee
What do you want more than the inerta of involuntary habit of attention.
2019-12-31 Mroning Instructions 43:42
Sharda Rogell
Arriving On retreat. Body as a foundational support.
2019-12-31 Guided Standing Meditation - The Body 360 Degrees 39:35
Catherine McGee
Working with the middle aperture of attention, neither focused to one nor wide open. Mindful of the whole body and space around the body.
2019-12-31 WholeHearted Practice 12:35:24
Yanai Postelnik
Refelections on craving, aversion and the cultivation of non attachemnt, inclusivity and the wholeness of heart.
2020-01-01 The art of collecting attention with the living, breathing body. How to relate to thought. 48:06
Catherine McGee
Day 3
2020-01-01 Day Three Walking Instruction 5:12
Yanai Postelnik
2020-01-01 Guided Meditation - Kindness For The Body 41:52
Yanai Postelnik
Offering care and kindness to our human bodies and the larger body of life.
2020-01-01 Developing The Five Spiritual Powers 56:15
Sharda Rogell
Once we strengthen the qualities of faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom, this empowers us on the path to greater awakening.
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