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Retreat Dharma Talks

BIPOC Voices - Series

2020-01-01 (1096 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2022-08-21 Wise View and the Cultivation of Wisdom 1:14:51
Gullu Singh
2022-09-11 Cultivating Conditions That Support a Strong Practice 1:11:48
Tuere Sala
2022-09-21 Bringing the Precepts into Life 63:59
Leslie Booker
2022-09-25 Cultivating the Four Noble Truths 40:30
Tuere Sala
2022-10-02 Opening to the Sacred 69:28
Dawn Mauricio
2022-10-16 Civic Discourse, Right Speech, and Get Out the Vote! 64:44
Mushim Ikeda
2022-11-06 Three Dharnettes: Ending the Search, Working with Recursive Thinking and Devotional Practice 1:18:51
Gullu Singh
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