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Retreat Dharma Talks

Natural Radiance: The Freedom of Awareness

Do you wish to understand more deeply what mindfulness and awareness are? The Buddha taught mindful awareness as a direct path to liberation.

Mindful awareness allows us to be present with clarity, insight, and equanimity. It is the foundation for wisdom, compassion, and awakening. Though Buddhist teachings offer ways to cultivate mindfulness, we will explore how this quality is naturally available.

In this silent meditation retreat, we will explore this innate quality of awareness – what it is and how to recognize, cultivate, and abide in awareness. We will inquire into what interferes with knowing and stabilizing in mindful awareness both in meditation and in ordinary activity. As mindfulness grows, we will see how this innate wakefulness is available in every moment.

2021-10-20 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2021-10-22 Meeting challenges on the path with awareness and wisdom 58:17
Mark Coleman
How we work with the five hindrances and other challenges in meditation and in life with wisdom, kindness and clear awareness
2021-10-25 Morning Sit With Instructions 60:50
Mark Coleman
2021-10-25 Guided Metta Meditation 29:32
Mark Coleman
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