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Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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2009-08-06 Intersecting realities 55:12
James Baraz
We are each the star of our own movie. Practice invites us to honor every member of the cast of characters in our life, remembering that they have their own reality. And through it all we can wake up from the dream.
2009-08-13 The Buddha's 5 supports for practice 53:31
James Baraz
2009-08-27 Being the Awareness 50:48
James Baraz
While the mind has many thoughts and confusing tendencies that cause suffering, there is a pure awareness that is our true nature holding it all. We’ll explore staying in touch with this reality while we are navigating through the confusions of mind.
2009-09-17 Eve Decker: Talk and Song of the Importance of Self Love 55:33
James Baraz
Eve Decker: Talk and Song of the Importance of Self Love
2009-10-01 Cleaning Our Slate 52:12
James Baraz
Forgiveness and reflections on Yom Kippur
2009-10-15 Heaven or Hell: The Choice is yours. 52:15
James Baraz
The desire for Heaven or for Hell: The Choice is yours.
2009-11-05 Patience 60:22
Arinna Weisman
2009-11-19 The Body: The Storehouse of Experience 55:10
James Baraz
The body is where we store emotions and register deep insights. This talk explores the implication of those facts: how we keep getting caught in thoughts that we know don’t serve us and why it takes time and patience to embody the wisdom our mind knows is true
2009-12-03 Undoing Mental Knots 45:00
Anam Thubten
"Undoing Mental Knots" or "Getting Rid of Concepts"
2009-12-10 Shower the People with Love 46:04
James Baraz
This is a talk about establishing healing and reconciliation on both a personal and a community level. The Buddha taught was "As long as followers of the Way hold regular and frequent assemblies, they may be expected to prosper and not decline. As long as they meet in harmony, carry on their business in harmony, and break up in harmony, they may be expected to prosper and not decline."
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