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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Standing Firm in That Which You Are: Mindfulness of the Body

2008-09-30 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2008-10-01 Finding Refuge 43:49
  Mary Grace Orr
How do we find refuge in our busy, insane world? Curiosity, confidence and contentment lead us to ease and a lessening of suffering.
2008-10-02 The Path Within 32 Parts Of The Body 62:16
  Bob Stahl
This is a retreat talk on the journey of awakening, the challenges that come up in practice and the potentials for experiencing freedom. There is also a talk on the 32 parts of the body meditations, the practice, the history and its benefits.
2008-10-02 32 Parts Of The Body Chant 14:42
  Bob Stahl
Evening chant
2008-10-03 The Burdensome Practice Of Judging 58:00
  Mary Grace Orr
Retreats have great difficulties and one of the most difficult is the judging mind. This talk explores hindrances and strategies to counter difficulties.
2008-10-04 32 Parts Of The Body And The Heart Of The Buddha's Feelings 65:28
  Bob Stahl
Further elaboration on the 32 parts of the body. The Buddh's story and 4 Noble Truths and the worm song of death
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