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Dharma Talks
2007-10-23 #4 Fully Knowing Dukkha 60:07
  Stephen Batchelor
An examination of the four ENNOBLING truths as a process of re9rienting one's perspective on life in a conditioned world. Fully knowing dukkha - in all its aspects - leads naturally to a falling away of craving, which culminates in moments of STOPPING, in which the path opens up, i.e., one enters the stream.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Meditation and Study Retreat

2007-10-23 Metta And The Opening Of The Heart - How Metta Transforms Us 63:15
  Donald Rothberg
Metta is generally described and set in the context of the Brahmavihara - the divine abodes. A number of stories are told illustrating the quality of metta and four ways that metta transforms us are identified - (1) We learn to lead with our hearts; (2) We develop in concentration; (3) We purify our being; and (4) We connect more fully with others.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Cultivating Clear Seeing, Opening the Heart

2007-10-23 Karma 59:40
  Joseph Goldstein
Exploring the meaning, importance and experience of karma in our everyday lives.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

2007-10-23 Impermanence 52:25
  Carol Wilson
The Buddha said that the perception of impermanence can free our minds from clinging. So why don’t we perceive this accurately?
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge October 2007 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2007-10-23 The Art of Unknowing 54:58
  Yanai Postelnik
Gaia House The Heart Of Wisdom And Compassion

2007-10-23 Walking Meditation 28:02
  Ajahn Sucitto
Cittaviveka Group Retreat

2007-10-22 #3 Turning The Wheel Of Dhamma 59:54
  Stephen Batchelor
A reflection on the COUNTER-INTUITIVE nature of the Buddha's teaching - how the Dhamma goes against deeply seated intuition, e.g., that there is something permanent in this impermanent world. This is followed by a reading of and reflection on the first discourse the Buddha gave, which outlines the middle way and the four ennobling truths. To be followed in talk #4 by a detailed reading of the four truths as four injunctions rather than four things to believe.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Meditation and Study Retreat

2007-10-22 Practicing With Sates Of Mind And Heart 58:24
  Donald Rothberg
After a framing of why we practice and how this intensive practice can inform our wider lives, and a short account of the qualities of mindfulness we explore how to practice in states of mind and heart. Using the model of RAIN (Recognition, Acceptance, Inquiry, Non-identification), we examine a number of ways to work with states of mind and heart, using as case studies, working with anger, judgment (harsh reactive judgment) and others.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Cultivating Clear Seeing, Opening the Heart

2007-10-22 Creative Engagement 47:15
  Martine Batchelor
Grasping and non-grasping in connection to self, people, things, views - how grasping makes us exaggerate and proliferate and how creative engagement can help our creative potential manifest and develop.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Meditation and Study Retreat

2007-10-22 The Dharma Of Community Development 1:12:13
  Jack Kornfield
The Dharma of community, the spirit of generosity and the development of love and care between humans.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

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