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Anushka Fernandopulle's Dharma Talks
Anushka Fernandopulle
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I am a lifelong spiritual practitioner who has trained for over 20 years in the Theravada Buddhist tradition in the U.S., India and Sri Lanka. I live in an urban area and consider how the practices can translate for my fellow citizens with a busy modern life; I am most interested in bringing these ancient teachings to the contemporary world, informed by my love of creative arts, technology, politics and pop culture. I also have an MBA and am particularly interested in the practice as it relates to leadership development -- how we can each see through the things that hold us back from manifesting our unique gifts and talents in the world. I am on the Spirit Rock Teacher's Council and teach at other meditation centers, but also do a lot of teaching & coaching in tech companies, nonprofit organizations, and less overtly spiritual settings. For more information, please visit
2012-01-17 Practicing the Five Recollections 44:38
Mission Dharma
2011-11-26 Dharma in the World 57:23
Leaving retreat, what should we pay attention to in our life? How can we continue to cultivate our practice?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Thanksgiving Insight Retreat
2011-11-24 Instructional sit 35:43
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Thanksgiving Insight Retreat
2011-11-22 Buddha's Recipe for Happiness 58:51
There are many levels of happiness and joy available to us on the spiritual path. Here are descriptions of several levels, their relationship to each other, and how to get there.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Thanksgiving Insight Retreat
2011-11-01 Occupy the Six Senses 43:03
Mission Dharma
2011-05-12 Finding Refuge As We Leave Retreat 59:52
Review of the 3 characteristics and 5 precepts. Exploration of faith and refuge as we leave retreat. Explanation of 'karooke' as appreciation practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley) Spring Vipassana Retreat
2011-03-14 Watching the News Through the Lens of the Dhamma 68:51
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2010-12-01 Investigating the Dharma: Refuges, Hindrances, Mindfulness 61:31
First night talk on what we are doing on retreat, working with hindrances, mindfulness, connection to refuges and precepts.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Discovering Presence in Each Moment
2010-11-02 Realms of Consciousness 41:02
Mission Dharma
2010-09-27 Dharma and Technology 68:37
Relates the Buddhist teachings to our use of modern communication technology such as emails, texting, cell phones, etc.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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