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Joseph Goldstein's Dharma Talks
Joseph Goldstein
I have two main aims in teaching. The first is to spread the dharma as widely as possible, offering it to as many different people as I can. The second is to teach a smaller number of people over sustained periods of time. This in-depth teaching engages my tremendous love for intensive, long-term meditation practice, where people can immerse themselves in the retreat experience and see how it transforms their understanding.
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1991-02-09 Living The Practice/Being Happy 58:54
Happiness is available. Please, help yourself!
In collection Happiness And Joy
1991-02-02 Awareness Is Not Enough 55:25
discovering the quality of mind that transforms being aware and present into mindfulness and freedom
1991-02-02 Instructions For Sitting And Walking Meditation 43:31
an in-depth explanation that discusses the specific details involved in the process of meditating
1990-12-02 Understanding Comes First 60:36
discovering how our underlying assumptions control and manipulate our thoughts about the way life is
1990-11-19 Luminosity Of Mind 56:52
exploring a way to understand the vastness of the Dharma by observing our inner expanse of consciousness
1990-11-16 Defining The Practice 60:52
respecting the subtlety of the practice that strengthen and support our right understanding
1990-11-13 Samsara: The Wheels Of Existence 58:58
1990-11-03 Law Of Karma 59:16
1990-11-01 Done Is What Had To Be Done 61:37
bridging the powers of the mind with an understanding of the practice--the 5 Iddhis
1990-10-24 The Buddha's Journey Is Our Own 62:40
appreciating the significance of the Buddha's life for us in these times

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