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Joseph Goldstein's Dharma Talks
Joseph Goldstein
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I have two main aims in teaching. The first is to spread the dharma as widely as possible, offering it to as many different people as I can. The second is to teach a smaller number of people over sustained periods of time. This in-depth teaching engages my tremendous love for intensive, long-term meditation practice, where people can immerse themselves in the retreat experience and see how it transforms their understanding.
1985-10-29 Dependent Origination 60:52
a description of the Buddha's 12 link law and how mindfulness weakens the chains
1985-10-18 Relationship Of Practice And World Peace 1:12:46
looking at the root causes of exploitation and expansionism in our minds (craving, wrong view, conceit); finding peace within; being a force of peace in the world
1985-03-12 Question And Answer 1:20:46
1984-12-30 The Nature Of Struggle 64:31
seeing the causes of suffering in our lives, cultivating attentiveness in every situation
1984-12-28 Opening, Balancing And Investigating 62:39
opening what is closed in us; balancing what is reactive; investigating what is hidden
1984-12-14 Integrating Practice Into The World 1:41:46
purification of the mind via generosity, morality, and wisdom; endless awareness
1984-12-02 Seven Factors Of Enlightenment 2:09:24
1984-11-23 Happiness 55:24
opening to the many possibilities of happiness
1984-11-23 Understanding Karma 64:55
1984-11-23 The Power Of Restraint 63:13

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